How to make MouthSield

[Mouth Shield/d.fabModel] is an open source shield for making with a 3D printer and a clear file.
Licensing Information
This mouth shield can be modified, distributed, sold, etc. In that case, please use them in accordance with Creative Commons BYSA
The rubber band type B uses the Swedish open source model 3DVerkstan and its successor DOYOModel, which is also CCBYSA, and can be modified and used for commercial purposes, so please use it in accordance with this model.
bundled file
<Data for 3D printing>
RegularType_A.stl(for adults)
RegularType_B.stl(Adult-use strap type)
Kids_M.stl(for children)
Kids_L.stl(for children)
<document file>
Gide.pdf(how to make)
A4Shieldpunch_Regular.pdf(Guide for A4 shield punch)
Size of the output
Maximum 15cm
The size for children is about 6 to 11 years old.

Tools to prepare
  1. 3Dprinter (3D printer)
  2. Hole punch(hole punch)
  3. box cutter

Materials to be prepared
  1. Filament(PLA)
  2. A4 sized file folder (A4 clear file)
  3. A4 sized paper(A4 paper)
  4. rubber band(Flat rubber and other bands)

How to make it (production time 40 minutes)

 After you add the product to your cart and complete your payment, you will receive an email informing you where to download the data, download it and unzip it.
Follow the instructions in your 3D printer software to select the size stl you need and print.

2.Prepare a clear file. 
For adults, please print the attached A4Sieldpunch.pdf. When printing, please check the "Do not scale" or "Actual size" box in the printer settings and print equally.
For double-bound clear files, cut them into individual pieces.
(Please refer to the following products for transparent clear files.
Stack the printed paper for the drilling guide and secure it with tape.
Follow the guidelines and cut a clear file with your paper.
Use a hole punch to make a hole. The hole spacing is adjusted for 2 holes.
For the second punch, shift the film.
Assemble the clear file to the body, thread the elastic through it, and you're done!
You can arrange it to suit your taste, with accessories and all!
For the chin area, stretch the cloth with double-sided tape to reduce the strain on the skin.